Goods and Services tax (GST)

Goods and Services tax is an indirect tax applicable throughout India and other countries as well which replaced multiple cascading taxes levied by the Central and State Governments. The money collected from the tax is given to the Government via all the business entities. In India GST is recently come into form and Lodha Global can help you through this effortlessly with their matchless knowledge.

Lodha Global Goods And Service Tax Reductions

GST has been levied on goods and services in India from 1st July, 2017. Its new in India but Lodha Global has the complete knowledge to get you through this.

GST Registration, Enrollmemnt And Migration Process

We provide GST registration for the company,we enroll the company and also the GST migration is looked into too. We believe in giving holistic services.

GST Updates

We understand that your business development needs your time and it can get difficult to stay updated in GST so, we make sure that your business is updated with GST information.

Company in Lines

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