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Since 1977 LODHA GLOBAL, has assisted thousands of clients in areas of taxconsultancy, Business Planning, Accounting, Payroll Processing, Turn-around Consulting, Business Brokering & Tax Resolution.


LODHA GLOBAL COMPANY Being one of the leading firms of Tax Consultancy, we have been the underpin to many companies for high-quality services and consultancy in Taxation-matters and Company Audits. Our years of explicit experience in some magnanimously ranging industries, from Accounting to Business Solutions and markets combined with a multi-functioning group of professionals and an integrated multi-disciplinary approach keeps improving our caliber and enhances our ability to provide a complete solution to most of the issues and concerns for national and international clients. In a highly competitive world, our services will be a sigh of relief to your business as helping you save on time and your business to grow through our services, is the aim that we seek for.

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We are committed to delivering incomparable services to our clients, specifically the small business owner. It is our belief that when you require professional services, you are buying more than just technical know-how, you is investing in a relationship.

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As always, partners grows with you!